Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life long friendship

Tonight I was looking at my blog when I realized I had some old drafted blog posts I never published!  This was one I thought worth editing.  Spring semester 2006 I met one of my first friends in Tallahassee.  Today he is one of my best friends and will be life long. Our last couple of years living in Tallahassee, our thing was going to coffee.  I started this blog post the last day we went to coffee before he was leaving for South Africa for the summer, and when our coffee date was over I wished him a wonderful summer.  By the time he returned from summer, I had moved to Kansas to start grad school, and as soon as he got back, he moved to California with his girlfriend to start grad school, also. He said to me that day, "See you soon."  And I knew it would be true.  I would never let such a good friend go.  Later that school year, Austin and I visited San Francisco for Spring Break and we had a lovely time with Nike and Stephanie.  This past summer, he traveled to Jordan to work on his Master's thesis research.  I am so lucky to have such a motivated, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, and beautiful friend in my life, Nike Start.

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