Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Apple Fest Bag 1

A couple of years ago, some of our friends got a present for another friend and gave it to him in a gift bag that had a pretty neat concept.  The bag was intended to be used over and over again for gift giving, and when you received a gift in this bag, before you passed it along to someone else, you would go to the website, which was attached or provided somehow with the gift, and sign your name, when you received the gift, and location (possibly where you received the gift and where you live, if it's different).  This information gives everyone a sense of where the bag travels! :)

Over the course of my masters degree I have interned a lot at Hetlinger Developmental Services, Inc. in Emporia, KS.  I have worked with many clients developing art therapy for their individual needs and this coming semester will be doing my masters project with several people there.  We will be working on a large group mural.  I love Hetlinger.  Every Fall they have an Apple Fest where they sell apples.   The consumers (the adults with developmental disabilities who use their day services) pick and prepare the apples and sell other apple related goods.  This past September 2012, I went to the Apple Fest and purchased two small canvas bags decorated with apples.  I would like for the first one to be treated just as the bag that was given to my friend.

If you have received this apple bag with leaves on one side, and a big red apple on the other, please comment on this blog.  You can put your name or whatever username you identify with online as there are a few options when you leave a comment.  The option that you can just use your name, it will ask for a URL, but it will allow you to leave your comment with just your name.

When you comment, please include the location you received the gift bag and/or where you live, or if you were traveling while you received the gift.  It is up to you how detailed on location to be.  Also, please include the date (month) you get the bag if you do not comment around that time.  The blog will post a date if you comment at the time you receive it.

Please do not forget when passing on the bag with a gift, to pass on the url info of this blog! Thanks everyone :)


  1. Boca Raton, Florida

    1. Thanks for starting this, Mom! I love you so much :)

  2. I received the apple gift bag on March 16, 2013 in Palmetto FL from a very wonderful, long-time friend. I love the sentiment attached to the bag - it is SO Erin!
    I am sending the bag on to another dear friend who lives in IL and am including the instructions with this darling gift bag.
    Erin, good luck as you continue to touch the lives of so many people and ALWAYS leave their world a little brighter.

    1. Thank you, Lynn! :) I was delighted when my mom said she was passing the bag on to you. Hope it travels far and I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I borrowed it from a gift bag that my boyfriend received once.