Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Master's project mural is finished and hanging!

For the past two weeks I have been working on the process of my master's project, which is the fun part!  I wrote the first two chapters (literature review and design) and proposed to my committee.  The mural process began and now it is complete.  It is hanging at the day services facility and it looks marvelous. Adults with developmental disabilities proudly stood by there completed work today and took pictures with a first year in my graduate program, Kristi (who helped me a ton through this process) and myself.  Check out the photos!  Now I am finishing the last two chapters and next month I defend and in May I graduate. It is all so exciting.


  1. Hey Erin I saw the mural on fb. It looks beautiful. I just now went to the pictures you posted. Wow they really got into it! They should be very proud. And of course include yourself in that!Well that part is over and soon you will be finished. Congrats. :) Chris

  2. Actually the link to the photos from this blog are the same as on facebook if you click on the album. Hetlinger, the place where the mural is posted them :) I am just spreading the word! Glad you enjoyed looking at it all. It sure was a fun process.