Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The snow is melting. Over the past couple weeks I was able to capture some fun photos of snowpeople around town. Enjoy like I did.

in costume

with color

the biggest one I saw (but fallen over, so sad)

same as above but for perspective

a family

Happy snowpeople sighting!


  1. Hey Erin I posted on facebook before I looked at your blog. I'm so tired of winter! Like I should be talking. LOL. Even John said he can't wait till he starts sweating again. Stay warm and safe. And tell Austin hello. Chris

  2. I love the snow family! And that really big fallen over one is REALLY big! Thanks for sharing :) It's (a chilly) 57 degrees here today. Time for me to bundle lol.

  3. Hi Chris, I know how much I love the outdoors on days like today because even when it was 30 degrees, the sun was shining and I loved it. When it was cold, wet and snowy, I was outside with my tongue in the air like a little kid not minding one bit that I had to scrape the ice from my car. (Though it did slow me down a bit). When it started to melt, I started talking about how I love how it's getting warm and I am looking forward to Spring and blooming flowers. I think about sweating now and it sounds awful, but when Summer is here, I know I'll love it. I just appreciate nature.

    Angela, Isn't the snow family cute?? The morning I saw it, my blue tempera paint had exploded all over my kitchen and I was running late but then I passed this and it made my morning all better. I went back on the way home to take the picture :) 57?? I'd be putting on a sundress!! haaa