Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Have you ever gotten a text and misinterpreted completely?  I know written language can often read like many things if you are not careful.  I just stumbled upon a funny example.

This past week I was working on a display at my internship for the children to stand in front of so the parents could take their photos on the last day of school.  Some people wanted the theme of the celebration to be hollywood or superhero.  A class I am in this summer for school is traveling to work with children in another country similar to the children at my internship, and the art therapy we will be doing with them is theme based on superpowers you can find within yourself and your community such as smiles, laughter, friends family, etc.

I talked to an art teacher at my internship about the idea and we discussed how being a superhero is just being yourself and she loved it.  An idea for the display was buildings with several powerful words like in comics, but as if the kids were creating them in the sky.  "Kapow, Kazaam, etc"

Tonight I saw this "Kapow" come on my artist a day and when I clicked on it and then saw a gun beneath it, it was the last thing I expected.  But, a gun is powerful, I guess.  Just not in the way I was thinking.
Perspectives are important :)

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