Sunday, June 10, 2012

writing for therapists or clients?

I was talking with a Andrew, a music therapist at my internship recently, and he made a valid point about music therapists' blogs.  He mentioned that when music therapists blog, they blog for other music therapists and what would really make a good blog, is a blog for the clients.  And I thought, wow! Art therapists blog for each other, too. In fact, I am not sure I have seen a lot of blogging for clients, unless I am reading in the wrong places.

Gathering clients this summer at my internship site, my supervisor suggested that I make a flier to hang around the building and pass out to some parents.  After I did, she said it was a little wordy for someone who did not know what art therapy was, but it would still be okay to use.  Looking at it again, I realize how easy it is to write to another therapist and how much harder it is to write to the general public about art therapy.  In fact, this blog entry is probably still geared to other therapists.  However I think it is a wonderful thought and a great goal to incorporate blog entries to intrigue everyone, including potential clients.

My flier I handed out at my internship and example of writing for a therapist when I could have been writing for parents.

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